Dantes Erotica – Private Members Club

Dantes Erotica – Private Members Club  (Book 1)

I’ve been working on this book for over a month now and Book One is finally uploaded
34,000 words … Suggest you read a chapter at a time… 🙂

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If you’ve read “Steppingley Manor”… A few of the characters and Steppingley Manor is involved in this story… There is much more coming in Dantes Erotica -Book Two but if your a fan of Dante… You’re going to love this…


This story is primarily about Marcus and Vicky who meet up and find they both enjoy the alternative fetish and clubbing lifestyle. After a whirlwind romance and crazy 6 months of clubbing and sex parties, they get married and shortly after meet Damian.
 Damian is very wealthy and lives an exciting jet set lifestyle… He really fancies Vicky and invites them to join a private members club. Marcus is a good looking British guy from North London, fit and tall, 28 and works in airline security based out of Gatwick airport. His job involves, in flight security so he’s always travelling and staying in hotels unless he has a UK stopover where he has an apartment quite near the airport. He’d had a few serious live in relationships in the past but never married… Until he met Vicky. Vicky was 27, also single and employed as an air hostess, flying out of Los Angeles, California. A stunningly tall, slim and attractive, half Japanese and half Thai Asian vision… Marcus was besotted with her from the first time they met on a flight from L.A. to London.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Wasteland, Rotterdam, Holland
  • Chapter 2 – Torture Garden BDSM Club, London
  • Chapter 3 – Private Members Club
  • Chapter 4 – Wife Watching and Soft Play
  • Chapter 5 – Fetish gear shopping in Camden, London
  • Chapter 6 – The Watersports party
  • Chapter 7 – Pantihose and Stockings at Steppingley Hall
  • Chapter 8 – Nadia’s house
  • Chapter 9 – Inflatable Dark Room with Oil
  • Chapter 10 -Driving to Nadia’s and Dogging

Cast of main characters

Marcus – English guy who meets Vicky

Vicky – American with Thai and Japanese parents

Damien – Dantes Erotica club founder

Olga and Kirk – German couple

Lin – Thai girl married to Trevor in the cage

Trevor – Lin’s husband

Raj and Shilpa- British Indian couple

Anya and Mike – Lithuania couple

Jason and Tina – Soft Swing party couple

Miranda and Dana – Bi Lesbian couple

Norman and Linda – Watersports Party host’s

Nadia and Ezra – Couple at the Pantihose party

Tony and Mary – Dark room oil party hosts


Dantes Erotica – Excerpt from Chapter 1

Marcus was really into showing Vicky off… watching and sharing her with other couples and occasionally letting strangers touch and grope her… At first Vicky thought he was a bit strange but as soon as she understood that he that he truly loved her… she started to really enjoy the clubbing lifestyle, using ecstasy and found the sex with him incredible, doing things she’d never even dreamed of.

Her first big fetish party event was at Wasteland in Rotterdam, Holland, where they flew in for the weekend with a few of Marcus’s friends… One couple were German, Olga and Kirk and introduced Vicky to her first girl on girl bi sexual experience… They were all dancing together… high on E’s when Olga started hugging and kissing Vicky in front of Marcus and Kirk… Kirk joined in behind Vicky and they were both groping and playing with her together.

Kirk was rubbing his exposed cock between Vickie’s bottom as Olga fingered her as they all bopped away to the heavy Psytrance music… Vicky was sandwiched between them and Kirk was caressing her tits from behind… She was so turned on with Olga fingering her as they danced, she orgasmed and squirted all over Olga’s hand… 
Olga told her husband Kirk what she just did and he immediately slid down onto the floor between her legs… As he started licking her… Olga danced with her over his face while fingering her again and was telling Vicky to do it in his mouth.

Marcus just stroked himself while he watched Vicky and Olga continue snogging in the middle of the crowd… Kirk was still between her legs and seemed to be fingering her pussy and anus together… Marcus was hugging her with Olga… as Vicky looked over at Marcus with a strange look on her face and told him,
 “Oh My God… I’m cumming again…”

This time she squirted directly into Kirk’s mouth… he clamped his mouth onto her pussy like a limpet… still fingering her anus as she trembled and shook on his face as Olga and Marcus held her up.

Olga pulled Kirk up from between her legs and we all followed them to a dark playroom on another level… Once inside, they lay Vicky down on some large floor cushions and Olga climbed onto her face in a 69 position… Kirk was behind her in no time… pushing his long thin cock into her pussy and fucking her right over Vicki’s face.

Vicky was reaching out and pulling Marcus behind her so he entered her while Olga took turns sucking his cock and putting it back into Vicky’s sopping wet pussy.

Then Kirk pulled out of Olga and offered it to Vicki… She was so turned on she just opened her mouth and took it all in… coughing and gagging as he tried to force it down her throat… Then he was pushing it into Olga’s anus… and as soon as he was inside her… Olga lowered herself down onto Vicky’s mouth…

The following week they all went to stay at Kirk’s brothers house in Berlin, Germany and were introduced to the Kit Kat Club… Another night of fun and debauchery where Marcus let Vicky try Kirk’s long 9 inch cock in her arse while he fucked her sitting on his cock on a chair in front of a large group of single guys and couples.