Yasmins Abduction

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Dantes Erotica – Yasmins Abduction – 40,600 words


This is a story in it’s own right but also continuation of the story from;

Steppingley Manor which is the first set of 4 books in the series.

Dantes Erotica – Private Members Club – is the follow up book.

Dantes Erotica – Yasmins Abduction – is this book.

A brief recap of the story,

Marcus and Vicky met Damian at a club in a Fetish club. Damian fancied Vicky, inviting them both, to join his private member’s club.

The story continues, with Nadia and Lin collecting their husbands from the BDSM Sub training at Steppingley manor. They get invited to a special party with Marcus and Vicky on Damian’s yacht, moored in Antibes South of France.

Enter Yasmin with several other characters from the previous stories. The plot continues with more characters being introduced. Cuckold, wife watching, Husband watching, Threesomes, Abductions, She-males, Dominatrices, along with lots of erotic action. Yasmin runs the ATP club on the cruise ship but gets abducted. Marcus uses his security connections, to help get her back. The abductors don’t give up; they follow Damian’s yacht around the Mediterranean. This story concludes at an exclusive swingers’ party in a stunning villa in Ibiza.

Table of Contents – Yasmins Abduction

Cast of characters
Chapter 1 – Trevor and Ezra return home.
Chapter 2 – Helicopter to the Yacht.
Chapter 3 – The Dominatrix Show.
Chapter 4 – Damian’s cabin.
Chapter 5` – The Proposition.
Chapter 6 – Threesome with Nadia.
Chapter 7 – Steppingley Manor
Chapter 8 – Damian’s guests.
Chapter 9 – Marcus finds out.
Chapter 10 – Yasmin’s Abduction
Chapter 11 – The Extraction.
Chapter 12 – Damian’s new offer.
Chapter 13 – Proposal Accepted.
Chapter 14 – Azzam II – Following the yacht.
Chapter 15 – Swingers party in Ibiza.
Chapter 16 – Mariana and Vicente.

Cast of characters

  • Damian – Club founder and owner of Steppingley Manor

  • Yasmin – Damian‘s PA on yacht

  • Johnson – Helicopter pilot

  • Marcus and Vicky

  • Nadia and Ezra

  • Lin and Trevor

  • Kate – Dominatrix and Yasmin’s girlfriend

  • Charlie – Black guy from London clubs

  • Gin and Jeff – Couple from the clubs

  • Edward and Janice – Elderly couple on the Yacht

  • Jenny and Emma – Female Crew on Damian’s yacht

  • April – Head Dominatrix from Steppingley manor

  • Roberto and Ariana – Ibiza Villa owners

  • Mariana and Vicente – Couple at Villa party in Ibiza


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