The Wife and the Driving Instructor – A Cuckold Story


The Wife and the Driving Instructor – A Cuckold Story

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8,200 words by Dante.

Story Description and Excerpts.

James meets Asia online, they hit off, get married and she moves to the UK to start a new life. A friend of James introduces them to the pleasures of soft play at a London club but Asia is ten years younger than James and very inexperienced. When she starts having driving lessons, her instructor keeps touching her leg and staring at her breasts. James gets so aroused when she tells him, he asks her to take it a stage further and tease him by wearing even more revealing clothes. The driving instructor and his wife (Pete & Susan) are in a sexless marriage, but that all changed when he started giving driving lessons to Asia. Lots of erotic situations in the car, home and mutual masturbation between the driving instructor and Asia. Then James invites Pete to involve his wife…

Sample excerpt from Chapter 2. The Wife and the Driving Instructor

That week, she’d gone out and bought an expensive white knickers and bra set. They were made from a see through patterned lace and her light covering of pussy hair and thin slit was just visible through the material. The uplift bra made her tits look bigger and her nipples could be seen through the material. Her mid thigh skirt and blouse was also white as we wanted her to look as pure and innocent as possible.

Asia truly is a stunning angel, not slutty in anyway and looked absolutely amazing. When he arrived to pick her up, I watched her stroll down our front garden path, giving him a little wave as she approached the car.

As they drove off, I was wondering how it was going to play out and had told her to tell him, if he started getting too amorous and thinking she wanted to start an affair… That I didn’t mind her playing and it was our little game. She understood and told me not to worry.

Half an hour later, and I got that weird feeling in my gut again, I had an erection so released the snake and started playing with myself, but had to keep stopping to avoid ejaculating, I wanted to save it for when she got home.

One and a half hours later and she still hadn’t come home. It was usually only an hour and five or ten minutes, but never any longer. Another fifteen minutes passed and I was starting to get concerned. I was even out by the front gate, looking up and down the road, and then I saw the car turn into our road. I quickly went back inside and waited in the hallway, peeping out of the window.

Asia got out and walked up the path, opened the door and met me in the hallway. She closed the door and we heard the car drive away. As we hugged, I felt between her legs and she was soaking fucking wet..!. We didn’t even speak, just kissing as she let me finger her, hugging me tightly. I made her cum within minutes and heard her moaning into my ear as she squeezed my throbbing cock still trapped in my jeans.

I led her into the kitchen and lifted her on the worktop, parted her legs and pulled her knickers leg to the side. Her beautiful little slit was glistening with her fluids, so I went down on her, licking and slurping, savouring her sweetness and making her grab my head and sigh in pleasure. Holding her legs up and open, so I could eat her pussy like I’d never done so crazily before.

“Why were you so long…?” I asked in between breaths.

“Oh My God… What are you doing to me… I’m gonna cum again…!“

She exploded and jerked as I greedily sucked on her clit while forcing two fingers inside her. When she calmed down I let her sit up and hugged her still sitting on the worktop.

“Lets go to bed and I’ll tell you what happened… But please don’t get angry OK…?”

Kissing her again I replied,

“Of course not babe.… God you make me feel so fucking horny.“

I lifted her down and led her up the stairs holding her hand. As we lay on the bed, she told me to take my jeans off, so I stripped naked and lay down next to her.
As she started caressing my twitching erection she said,

“Why is your cock so big and it’s so hard…?”

“I have no idea babe, but I’ve never felt so turned on in my life, so please tell me all the details and exactly what happened…?”

She started caressing my cock as I ran my hand up her leg and over her wet knickers.

“OK… For the first ten minutes, he was just staring at my legs, like he didn’t know what to say. Then he said how beautiful I looked and asked if we’d been to the club again… I told him we hadn’t as we only went once a month. Then I did like you said and parted my legs a bit. His hand was on the handbrake as usual, but I let my leg touch his hand every time we turned left. Then he leaned forward a few times, trying see my knickers. (giggling) I pretended to concentrate on the road and parted them a bit more and my skirt was so high on my thighs, it only just covered my knickers. Then he put his clipboard over his lap again and I knew he was touching himself. I asked him if he liked me telling him stories about the club…? He said he did, and could I tell him some more… It was so funny babe… I told him I would, but it was a bit dangerous if he was playing with himself, so maybe we should stop somewhere. He looked so embarrassed and stared at me saying… What do you mean? I told him I knew it turned him on, because he always covered himself with the clipboard, but I was OK with it, and if he wanted to play with himself he didn’t need to hide it… He was silent for a while, then asked me if I really wanted to stop somewhere…? I said sure and you can play while I tell you another true story. I was getting so wet and wanted to touch myself but I couldn’t cos I was in traffic. He told me to drive towards the park and then we stopped in the car park by the river, you know, the one in Hemel Hempstead… It was empty and he made me reverse into a corner so we could see if any other cars came in.”

Suddenly I ejaculated… Shooting my load all over her hand.

“Oh My God… you cum so fast, and I haven’t even told you what happened..!”

“Fuck me babe… I couldn’t hold back… Please keep going.”

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The Wife and the Driving Instructor

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