Waterworld Thailand
The Girl on the Beach   ( 23,200 words By Dante )
the girl on the beach
New Adult Erotica book from Dante x

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Dante writes stories about Husband and Wife sharing, Wife watching, BDSM, Cuckold, Swinger and Fetish clubs, Dogging, Asian wife, Katoy and many other fetishes…


Kirk and Anantara meet Pim, a beautiful girl who was left stranded on a small tropical island by a Frenchman in a yacht. After rescuing her, the erotic fun stars and they sail on to Koh Phangan where they pick up Mint, a lady-boy who was having an interview at a hotel. After more fun and games on Kirk’s yacht, they find out she has a very wealthy boyfriend (Damian) that was looking for another partner to set up Waterworld Thailand, a Luxury Yacht Charter and Crew Training Center in Phuket. After meeting Damian, Yasmin and several other characters from the previous stories, Kirk becomes a partner. Subsequently, they are invited to a party with five Thai VIPs and a group of high class Thai escorts on his stunning new Leopard 46 motor yacht. A few days later, they spend a night on-board with Yasmin as Damian was away on business and end up doing things they’d never even imagined. They decide to move to Thailand and rent a stunning penthouse overlooking the Phuket marina and their first adult fun Charter was to a group of wealthy Russians. Things get out of hand as they ply the girls with drink and drugs and lock Mint the lady-boy with a huge cock in one of the cabins, using her day and night. Later in the story Mint gets kidnapped by the Russians and the Thai police get involved. And in the last chapter, Damian’s yacht with his Italian charter guests disappear.

Lots of intrigue, adult fun, debauchery and very erotic themes

as you would expect from Dante x.

Cast of main characters

  • Anantara & Kirk – Main couple in the story
  • Pim – The Girl on the Beach
  • Mint – Katoy from Koh Phangan
  • Damian – Waterworld ThailandYacht Charter
  • Teerawat – Damian’s Thai partner
  • Johnson – Damian’s pilot
  • Yasmin – Damian’s PA
  • Kate – Yasmin’s partner
  • Marcus & Vicky – Security advisor and hostess
  • Karen – Tara’s flatmate in the UK
  • Lek – Girl in charter office

This is the forth book in a series involving many of the same characters
  • Steppingley manor – (4 book set) – 38,600 words

  • Dantes EroticaPrivate Members Club – 34,400 words

  • Dantes Erotica – Yasmin’s Abduction – 40,600 words

  • Waterworld Thailand – The Girl on the Beach (23,200 words)


The full series of The Private Members Club


Steppingley Manor
(First 4 books now in one book)

This story is about the very wealthy “master” who owns Steppingley Manor and uses it for BDSM events and training’s. Think “Eyes wide shut” the movie for a backdrop of the mansion and what goes on. Alice, Tom and Kate are a family but Tom is a sub Cuck and Alice his wife is the head Dominatrix, Kate is the daughter also a Dominatrix. The Master sleeps with both of them. Charlie, Adam and his girlfriend Alison, Gin and Jeff are all involved in the London Fetish club scene and either get invited or work at the events held at Steppingley Manor. Johnson’s the chauffeur and helicopter pilot and moves down to the Motor Yacht where the Master spends most of his time. Yasmin is a British Indian and married to Rahul, who the Master is obsessed with and gets her to come and work for him on the Residential Cruise ship running his exclusive club ATP “Addicted to Pleasure”

Dantes Erotica3

Dantes Erotica – Private Members Club
(Book 2 in the series)

This story is primarily about Marcus and Vicky who meet up and find they both enjoy the alternative fetish and clubbing lifestyle. After a whirlwind romance and crazy 6 months of clubbing and sex parties, they get married and shortly after meet Damian.

Damian is very wealthy and lives an exciting jet set lifestyle… He really fancies Vicky and invites them to join a private members club.

Marcus is a good looking British guy from North London, fit and tall, 28 and works in airline security based out of Gatwick airport. His job involves, in flight security so he’s always travelling and staying in hotels unless he has a UK stopover where he has an apartment quite near the airport. He’d had a few serious live in relationships in the past but never married… Until he met Vicky.

Vicky was 27, also single and employed as an air hostess, flying out of Los Angeles, California. A stunningly tall, slim and attractive, half Japanese and half Thai Asian vision… Marcus was besotted with her from the first time they met on a flight from L.A. to London.


Yasmins AbductionDantes Erotica Yasmin’s Abduction
(Book 3 in the series)

A brief recap of the story, Marcus and Vicky met Damian at a club in a Fetish club. Damian fancied Vicky, inviting them both, to join his private member’s club.

The story continues, with Nadia and Lin collecting their husbands from the BDSM Sub training at Steppingley manor. They get invited to a special party with Marcus and Vicky on Damian’s yacht, moored in Antibes South of France.

Enter Yasmin with several other characters from the previous stories. The plot continues with more characters being introduced. Cuckold, wife watching, Husband watching, Threesomes, Abductions, She-males, Dominatrices, along with lots of erotic action. Yasmin runs the ATP club on the cruise ship but gets abducted. Marcus uses his security connections, to help get her back. The abductors don’t give up; they follow Damian’s yacht around the Mediterranean. This story concludes at an exclusive swingers’ party in a stunning villa in Ibiza.

(Book 4 in the series)

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