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How to install swimming pools in Thailand  


There are basically THREE choices  


Have a custom pool designed and built – Construction time about – 3 months 


Install a Fibreglass pool – Installed in less than 1 week.  


Install a Modular Pool – Much quicker than concrete and lots of options



The Big Question


Have you ever tried to do any construction work in Thailand?   


If Yes, then you will be more than aware, of how frustrating it is to work with Thai Swimming Pool Contractors in Thailand. 

Finding reliable a swimming pool installer in Thailand is not an easy task as many people have found to their peril. 


Our swimming pool contractor is Australian and has been installing pools in Australia and Thailand for 20 + years. 


We can help you install your dream pool.

What type of pool is best ?

Custom build your your pool with our experienced designers and installers

Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass swimming pools in Thailand are the fastest to install and are environmentally friendly. Compared to tile and concrete pools in Thailand – They are much easier to maintain, are energy efficient, and there is no need to use so many chemicals..

Concrete Pools

If you have a specific design in mind, based on the area you have available, a custom built concrete or modular pool could be your answer. A concrete pool takes approx 3 months to install.

Modular Pools

A modular pool can be installed on rooftops or in any area where access may be too difficult to install a fibreglass pool. The finish can be any design including Pebblecrete.

Featured pool

This is an example of a small 10 x 4 metre custom made above the ground pool in a tropical setting with a raised surround and beautiful landscaping

Image Gallery

Shade Sails in Thailand

Shade Sails in Asia

There are cheap shade sails and quality shade sails in Thailand and in the beach resorts or any areas where the winds and rain can be very strong…….. You need quality that will withstand the forces of nature and give you a long lasting sun shield. The fabric sail shade panels are sewn with Goretex Tenara thread. This is a high tech, space-age expanded polymer thread guaranteed to last for 15 years.

Swimming pool shade sails 

The smaller sails have a double – sewn perimeter hem, reinforced corners and we use stainless steel rings. The Larger sails can be made with 316 grade stainless steel perimeter – pocket cables, corner attachments and high quality tensioning attachment fittings. The largest sun shade sails and most of the PVC or acrylic sails, have purpose – made steel or stainless steel corner plates with adjustable perimeter stainless steel cable tensioning.

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