Our Wife Sharing Journey Begins 

Our Wife Sharing Journey Begins 


Hiya, I’m Gina and Andy told me to write our story of how we got into the alternative lifestyle, because he likes to talk and fantasize and it really turns us both on. We’re not full on swingers, well not like the couples who go out every weekend to swap partners and stuff like that, but we have started going to various clubs, and let’s just say, we like to experiment and play together.

I suppose I’d better tell you a bit about me before I get into all the naughty details. I’m Gina, nearly twenty-one, quite slim, not a stunner but people do tell me I’m attractive, five feet two with long brown hair, smallish boobs and he says, sexy long legs a bum to die for. I’m very reserved and that’s the main reason we’d never been dogging, until recently, but I’ll get into that later.

Sample from Chapter 1

Pete showed us around and I couldn’t stop giggling cos we had to stare at his naked bum as he walked along in front of us. The club was absolutely huge and on several floors with loud techno house music blaring out in 4 different dance floor areas. The basement had a mock up dungeon with a play area and later we watched all kinds of weird looking people using the equipment or getting canned, tied up or suspended upside down. There was even a sex swing hanging from the ceiling where a girl was laying in it, and five guys crowded around groping and playing with themselves. One guy was actually kneeling between her legs, licking and pulling her pussy open for guys to finger as her husband held her hand. She was also wanking two guys off, standing each side of her and even let one of them, cum in her mouth.

Anyway, we had another drink at one of the bars and Pete told us, he was going to find a few of his friends and he’d see us later or at the car when it all closed around 4 am.

I was already feeling a bit tipsy and after another drink, we decided to wander around and see what else was going on. Andy was holding my hand as we pushed through the crowds, but the music was so loud and chock full of virtually naked people all dancing like crazy, we went back down to the dungeon play area, where at least we could talk and walk around easier. We watched a really attractive girl getting whipped by a guy, who I assumed was her husband, cos he kept stroking her bottom after he whipped and fingered her. And then, there were all these single guys crowding around them watching and playing with their….

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