Thai Pool Installers – Horror story 1

This article is to make people aware of the many cowboy Thai pool installers and swimming pool companies in Thailand. They are run by very unscrupulous individuals and could be either Thai nationals or Farangs (foreigners).


I have personally been ripped off by a company called “Mask Decor” a pool construction company based in Bangkok. They came and gave us an estimate for a swimming pool instillation Thailand and we paid them 1/3 rd deposit. That was (305,000 Baht) with another 1/3 half way through the build and the final 1/3 at the completion of the job.


They did not even bother to turn up on the starting day!

The bastard simply walked away with UK£7000 (305,000 Thai Baht). We took him (a Thai national) to court (and that was a total farce with another long story). But the Judge after hearing the issue, (about 4 minutes) with the two lawyers (ours and his lawyers). The judge decided to give him 3 months to pay back “HALF” of our money or go to jail. So in 5 mins this Thai judge wiped out 150,000 Baht, less our Lawyers fees (50,000 B). And our airfare to fly back to Thailand to attend the 5 minute court case (another 75,000 Baht). 3 months later, he paid us the half he was ordered 150,000 Baht.  Take out our expenses etc. and we ended up about £6500 out of pocket and had to find a new Thai pool builder to do the job.


Swimming pools Thailand – Horror story 2

Swimming Pools Thailand is a another Thai pool installation company that comes up at the top of most “swimming Pools in Thailand” searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing. The full story of this outfit can be found here at Worldwide Scams

Thai pool installers Thailand – Horror story 3

Another Thai swimming pool contractors scam is to quote you for a nice new pool with all equipment etc. And then install sub standard rubbish. Cheap pump, un-branded filter and even salt water chlorinators from China. Our “unbranded” filter split open after only 18 months.  Most filters are guaranteed for 10 – 15 years. The salt water chlorinator packed up after 2 years (Emaux salt water chlorinator). The swimming pool electrician told us the chlorinator was not even earthed, so packed up due to voltage surges which are typical in Thailand. We also had to have all the electrics re wired after 2 years. And the pump, filter and chlorinator had to be replaced after  2 years.

Bad workmanship

Now we find that the the idiot who installed the electric lights to the pool, did not use a junction box in the sand- stoned pool surround! So the two cables from the light and the main cable are joined under the ground and are now corroded. We cannot get to the join unless we dig up the floor of the swimming pool surround. That would totally ruin everything so now we have to make do with one light. This we find is terrible compared to when the two lights  were working. All because the lazy bastards did not want to create another junction box for access.

Only use recommended Thai Swimming Pool companies

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