Swimming pool Renovation

Are you in need of a swimming pool renovation ?If your pool looking tired and in need of a makeover, this article can probably give you some tips and ideas. Increasing numbers of swimming pool owners in Thailand are choosing to refurbish their pools. When your pool gets old and past its best, it’s probably time to update it both technically and aesthetically. There are many new innovative pool systems, superior technology and materials available in Thailand now.

Outdoor Pools in the sun
One of the reasons a pool becomes dilapidated in Thailand is because of the sun and because owners often struggle to find time to maintain it. This is particularly true of pool owners in Thailand, where finding a reliable pool maintenance company is virtually impossible in many provinces. Owners also fear that a refurbishment could be expensive.

In fact, work can be done quite quickly or you could quite easily install a low maintenance fibreglass pool. A fibreglass pool can usually be installed in a day and then probably another week or so to do the surrounding deck and features. Your pool renovation company could also cover the pool area with a full marquee, and use powered lighting to finish it quickly.

New Technology

If your pool was built more than ten years ago, most likely it lacks the new natural salt water systems, filters and technology afforded to newer pools. Very significant advances to new pools mean they perform to a much higher standard and consume far less energy than the older systems.

In particular, new pumps, filters and  filter medium like crushed glass is replacing sand. The pumps are smaller, more energy efficient using less electricity and take up less space. Variable speed pumps are also available which in turn lower costs, as they can operate at lower speeds. For instance – when the pool isn’t being used.

New modern pools can also take advantage of the new disinfection systems using ultraviolet and ozone. These systems use less energy to keep your water ultra clean.  There are other more interesting upgrades available, like LED lights and exterior lighting that will bring running costs down even further.

A complete makeover for your garden

There are many upgrades you can choose from. One client we heard about, built a pool that costs virtually nothing to run. Incredibly energy efficiency and harnesses the new technology. The pool is  powered in the main by eighty solar roof panels, which powers the pump. Obviously, this was a special project but it shows what can be achieved and the benefits are enormous. A renovation or makeover of your swimming pool is sometimes not a choice, but a necessity. If you have a structural problem or a leak with the pool, a lot more work may be required. During a makeover you could choose a nice new finish like Pebblecrete that gives your pool a stylish new look and helps prevent future leaks. There are so many finishes available now like the chart below

While swimming pool renovation companies have in-house designers to liaise with you, your input is paramount. The designers will incorporate your ideas into the makeover plan. They could also create various options you were not even aware of.

If you’re considering a make over or renovation of your swimming pool, get in touch with us today. We will take you through the entire process, from the initial planning to implementation to ongoing care and servicing.

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