Swimming pool maintenance is very important in Thailand. When you leave a swimming pool for weeks or months without any maintenance or cleaning, it becomes very difficult to remove the build up of mould and dirt from the sides and bottom of the pool.

Thailand Weather

Regular Swimming pool maintenance is required and whether you are living near your pool or away for long periods of time it is essential to keep the pool clean. In Thailand, the extreme weather conditions can have a very damaging effect. The sun can destroy any plastic items such as hoses, brushes and filter, so these must all be kept out of the hot sun. 

You really need to have a small shelter made for your filter and chlorination equipment, chemicals and other pool maintenance items. The chemical balance is also very important and we have a separate blog website with many articles covering water and chemical balance etc. 




Depending on the type of pool you have and the water / filter system. This will determine how often you need to check the chlorine, PH and salt levels. See the above link for all the info on pool water management.

Weekly or Monthly 

Or Just have a pool check up visit

I’m a British guy and now live in Maha Sarakham, Thailand. I can help you with keeping your beloved pool clean and working efficiently. 

Take a look at the  areas covered on the map opposite.My contacts also include a qualified pool engineer who can deal with any technical issues. Electrical / Salt water Chlorinators etc.

Weekly or monthly swimming pool maintenance in the following areas -: Issan, Mahasarakam, Khon Kaen, Kalasin, Roi et, Buriram.

Email me to discuss your requirements  Cost: 2000 baht per visit + Travel expenses from Maha Sarakham