Modular Pools 

When you compare the pros and cons of concrete, modular and fibreglass pools, it’s not surprising to discover that over half of all the in-ground pools installed in the USA and Australia today are fibreglass pools. This represents a very significant increase in the market share over the last 25 years. Modern fibreglass pools can offer an amazing array of shapes and sizes, attractive design and long term durability. Concrete and now the new modular pools on the other hand, tend to give you much more flexibility when it comes to design. They can include the standard tile or pebblecrete finishes. 


Modular pools offer flexibility

These Pools offer many advantages and can offer various design & customisation options based on your preference or situation. The modular system can offer more options than other pools including built-in water features, fibre optics, led lighting, a variety of pool finishes, infinity edge filtration systems. A modular pool can provide you with a superior pool that truly compliments your lifestyle.

Light-Weight and Cost effective

The Modular process reduces the construction time dramatically compared to a conventional concrete Pool, resulting in reduced labour and material costs. Light weight construction brings many advantages and the modular panels are robust and fairly light-weight. This means you can install one in any location you want it, even on a rooftop or on an upper floor. The versatility of a Modular Pool panel system ensures the suitability to all types of situations from above ground and in-ground. This results in a swimming pool that is durable and beautiful.