Custom or Concrete pools 




  • Design and Flexibility : The most obvious benefit is that you can build a custom / concrete pool to any shape or design you can imagine. And because custom / concrete pools are made on-site, your pool contractor can adjust your design exactly to suit you and your plot.


  • Aesthetics: New custom / concrete pools look very appealing, and there is a wide range of surface finishes available from pebblecrete to tile. All of course, depending on your actual preferences and budget.


  • They are Strong: Concrete pools have been around a long time and it’s fair to say that, from a structural point of view they are very strong and reliable.




  • They take a lot longer to build: It usually takes several months of onsite work to complete the build of a concrete pool. Whereas other options can be finished in a week or less.


  • Concrete pools can be more expensive to build: Concrete pools can become quite complex in design and it doesn’t take long for costs to start going out of control.


  • Many popular surface finishes are not so appealing: One very common complaint of concrete pools is that they can be quite rough on bare feet. And can also cause grazes and scrapes. Especially for small children who like to play rough and tumble in the pool.


  • They can cost more to run on a monthly basis: Concrete surfaces are usually porous, allowing them to absorb some water. This eventually becomes an ideal breeding ground for black algae and bacteria to grow. Owners of concrete pools typically spend more time and money, trying to keep their pools healthy and safe to swim in.


  • Concrete pools are more susceptible to black algae: Once black algae has attached itself to pores in the concrete pool surface, it can prove extremely difficult to eradicate it completely.


  • Concrete pools can require expensive upkeep over the long term: Concrete pools require a lot of ongoing care and maintenance. And in many cases need to be reconditioned after about fifteen years, all depending on the type of surface finish used.